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Anytime conversion of mechanical meter to smart meter

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  • Automatic Meter Reading Application through communication protocol
  • Data storage upto 180 days
  • Battery life upto 10 Years
  • Accurate meter reading
  • Timely billing to domestic customers
  • more...

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Retrofittable AMR Module is used for converting a mechanical meter to smart postpaid/AMR meter by using the following steps. 
Break Index cap located below index cover
 Insert AMR Module into the adaptor and into the index of the mechanical gas meter 
 Fix the cover on AMR Module with seal screw and seal it 

 Commission the smart meter by entering details of existing meter on AMR module through mobile app and is fully functional as a Smart Postpaid Meter


 Retro fitment of Post-paid AMR module to existing G1.6 Mechanical Gas Meter 



Technical Information

Parameter Value
Model  Raychem RPG G1.6 
Nominal flow rate Qn  1.6 m³/h
Minimal flow rate Qmin  0.016 m³/h 
Maximum flow rate Qmax 2.50 m³/h
Transitional flowrate Qt 0.25 m³/h
Cyclic volume – V (measured at 20°C) 0.52 dm³
Allowable indication errors limit during initial verification
Qmin to 0.1Qmax – E  ±3%
0.1Qmax to Qmax – E ±1.5% 
Ambient temperature – tm  -10 to +55°C
Gas temperature – tg -10 to +55°C 
Max. working pressure – Pmax 0.50 bar 
Max. pressure drop  p at Qmax 2 mbar
Index measuring range  99999,999 m³ 
Pulse value (pulse is optional) 0.01m3 
Distance between connection bosses  110 mm 
Weight  ~1.7 kg
Family of gases   Gaseous fuels: Family 1,2 & 3 acc. to EN 437
Electromagnetic class  E1
Mechanical class  M1
Class of gas meter  1.5a
Possible connection standards NPT, BS746, ISO and others on request



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