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Tapped winding transformer that changes voltage locally to required load

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  • Used for starting large motors
  • More efficient than conventional transformer
  • Smaller in size
  • Better voltage regulation
  • Cost efficient
  • Low requirement of excitation currents
  • more...

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Type Dry Type Oil Type
Rating  Up to 20 MVA Up to 50 MVA
Voltage Class  Up to 22 kV ( > 22kV) * Up to 33 kV
Frequency   50/60 Hz 
Vector Group As required 
Winding Material  Cu / Al 
Insulation Class F/H/R A
Taps available 
Separate termination box for incoming supply, tap connections  and neutral terminal


Technical Information

Parameter Value
The Primary and secondary coils are connected to each other electrically. 
Tapped winding transformer changes voltage locally to the required load voltage.  
Supply segments Industries


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