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Special purpose transformer with zigzag or interconnected star winding

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  • Provides earth fault protection for ungrounded system

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Parameter Value
Equivalent Rating   Up to 20 MVA 
Voltage Class  Up to 33 kV
Neutral Fault Current & fault duration As per customer requirement 
Auxiliary Load winding Up to 630 kVA as per customer requirement
Continuous Neutral Current  As per customer requirement
Frequency  50/60 Hz 
Cooling  ONAN/AN
Vector Group ZN0, ZNyn1 or ZNyn11
Winding Material Cu / Al 
Tapping Off circuit links/switch
Insulating Medium Mineral Oil, Esters, Resin/Varnish

Technical Information

Parameter Value

Special purpose transformer with zigzag or interconnected star winding 


Provides ground fault protection in 3-Phase, 3 wire system 


With or without auxiliary winding for supplying local loads 


Supply segments 

 EHV Substations 


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