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Withstands high currents, mechanical and thermal stresses

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  • Designed for extra high currents compared to conventional transformers
  • Large low voltage variation to suit furnace application
  • OFWF cooling with 100% standby capacity
  • Withstands repeated high mechanical and thermal stresses from electric arcs

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Parameter Value
Rating Up to 30MVA

Primary Voltage

Up to 33kV

Secondary Voltage

As per requirement

No of Phase  

Single & 3-Phase 





Insulation Class

Drive OEMs 

Applicable Standards

IS2026, IS12977, IEC 60076


Technical Information

Parameter Value
Various types of furnace transformers  Electric Arc


 Submerged Arc


 Rectifier Duty  


 Ladle Furnace transformers

 Internal series reactor is used to control current fluctuation


On load control of Low voltage side 

Specially designed busbar risers for high currents  
Supply segment  Industries
Drive OEMs

Steel plant 

 Rolling mills
Industries (Cement, Steel, Mining etc.)
Non-Ferrous Metal industries





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