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With two to six inverter windings

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  • Market leader and first manufacturer in India to develop five winding inverter transformers
  • Passed short circuit test
  • Low losses
  • Suitable for solar load profile

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Type Oil Type
Rating  Up to 20 MVA 

Voltage Class 

 Up to 33 kV

No. of Inverters 

 Up to 6 inverters


 50/60 Hz



Vector Group 

 As required
Winding Material  Cu / Al  
Insulation Class   A


Technical Information

Parameter Value
Designed to withstand voltage excursions due to pulsed mode inverter operation    

Inverter Windings are capable to withstand voltage with rate of rise (dV/dt) upto 500V/µs to ground  


Galvanically isolated winding for each inverter


Electrostatic shield between inverter and MV winding  


Loosely coupled inverter windings 


Inverter winding could be star/delta. In case of star winding, neutral not to be grounded 

Supply segment  Renewable Energy (Solar applications)  


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