Beautiful 20+ Pink Wedding Dresses 2016

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Pink color is very special in the life of every girl; she is accustomed to it ever since the day when she was born. Parents generally decide a lot of things when they expect  a baby; they decorate their baby’s room with pink polka dot ribbon, crib beds, and cushion if it is going to be a girl. The pink is the basic color that has a smooth feel and essence to it.

simple pink wedding dress 2016

Do you know why Disney princesses wear pink dresses on their wedding instead of wearing white, blue or yellow? It’s because the color has a very girlish, delicate, and soft tone to it and all these characteristics are attributed to girls.

pink wedding dress with sleeves 2016

Think about pink and your all thoughts will take you into a world of fantasy where your price is looking to hold your hands, so many flowers are covering the palace, and light music is playing in the background. We all love fantasy in one form or another but when it is about our wedding we don’t take want to miss any possible way to look more beautiful and glamorous.

pink wedding dress plus size 2016

Incorporating pink in your wedding theme is a very good idea but it won’t work out if your wedding dress is going to have the same shade in it.  Pink is the new ‘white’ for wedding dresses and it has a tendency to portray you in a more classic manner.  We always talk and think about bringing a change in the fashion but we are not very brave to adopt those trends which are beyond our traditions and cultures.  Many brides are now selecting contemporary colors and pink is on the top of color chart that will rock in 2013.

pink wedding dress lazaro 2016

To be very honest with you, white is a common and conventional color. It can’t make you appear more beautiful than you already are. It won’t give you an extraordinary bride either.  So, it’s time to bring forth a new tradition for becoming a trendsetter of new era- break all those wedding dress codes that have been around us from centuries and are passing from generation to other without stopping.

pink wedding dress 2016

Though white wedding gowns are symbolized with purity and honesty, but these two traits must not the solid reason for anyone to go for a white wedding dress which is boring and so out of style these days.  What is more important on your wedding day is how you look in your dress. If any color exemplifies romance, sincerity, romance, and purity more intensely than the white shade then it’s pink.

pink vera wang wedding dress 2016

Pink wedding dresses are likely to change your persona on your special day by changing your appearance from traditional to modern.

pink mermaid wedding dress 2016

Wearing a colored dress, perhaps, breaks the traditional wedding dress code and adopts a more modern wedding dress style. Many brides are now selecting more contemporary colors as compared to traditional wedding dresses, which are usually white or ivory.

pink lace wedding dress 2016

Wedding dress colors can range from a small accent sash to red and even black wedding dresses. Celebrities are also keen on changing the definition of wedding dresses by opting for brown, yellow, green, and blue wedding dresses. I guess it’s time for everyone to get out of the box and see what other colored wedding dresses are in fashion and trends for 2013. Whether your complexion is pure white, gray or brown, pink will complement your countenance as well as skin color very easily because it’s sweet and friendly.

pink and black wedding dress 2016

There are a lot of famous female actresses and personalities who wore pink wedding dress on their wedding ceremonies. Perhaps, they are trying to break the old rules proving that there is more to choose and go with when it comes to your personal appearance, wedding day, and style.  No matter which culture, national, class and ethnicity you belong to- pink will make you flattering and seducing on your big day.

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