Causes of Bleeding During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a joyful time, but it can also be a time filled with worry and concern for many women. Noticing spotting during pregnancy can set off alarm bells for many pregnant women. Is it a sign of problems? Is it your period, which many women swear they continue to get all through their pregnancy? Or is it something completely different? Bleeding during pregnancy can be cause for concern but it can also be normal. So how do you know when to call your health care provider?

Bleeding During Pregnancy

Out of every 10 women who are pregnant, two or three have some bleeding early in pregnancy. In the early stage of pregnancy, women normally get little bit bleeding which is usually known as “spotting”. It is also well-known as implantation bleeding.  Bleeding doesn’t always mean there’s a problem, but it can be a sign of miscarriage or other serious complications. It’s very important to be aware of how you’re bleeding so that your provider can tell if it’s dangerous to you or your baby. Keep track of whether the bleeding is increasing or decreasing and how many pads you are using. Don’t ever use a tampon, douche, or have sexual intercourse while you’re bleeding. Woman should need to aware about that the most of the miscarriages happens meanwhile the first eleven to twelve weeks of pregnancy. It’s unfortunate but true that most of these are can’t be prevented. On the other hand, Ectopic pregnancy does not happen as frequent as miscarriages. From a survey, it’s found almost one from every 100 Ectopic pregnancies happens.

In the late stage of pregnancy, different causes may occur vaginal bleeding.  Among those most common causes are enlisted below:

Placental Abruption

Placental abruption is a very serious condition. It happens when the placenta starts to move out or come out within the boundary of womb wall. This placental abruption generally becomes the reason of stomach pain. Sometimes if there is not bleeding still it may occur. If it happens, it may indicate that the baby may come out early.

Cervical Ectopion

It is one of the most common causes of bleeding during the time of pregnancy especially at the late stage of the pregnancy. It is the place where there were the mild changes is occurring in the place of the womb or cervix. When the plug of mucus from the cervix moves away before labor, these things may occur.


During the time of pregnancy while vaginal bleeding starts most of the cases it indicates the sign or symptoms of miscarriage. After the third month of pregnancy, usually miscarriage does not happen.

While spotting during the first trimester usually doesn’t indicate a problem, you’ll want to contact your doctor immediately if bleeding occurs later in pregnancy, as it may be a sign of a more serious condition.

Now to figure out the reason of bleeding female should need to go for pelvic examination. It is an ultrasound scanning examination. In this stage female must need to contact with the specialists as soon as possible to get the best treatment.

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