Causes of Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be a time of overall discomfort. Some of the very first signs of early pregnancy, in fact, tend to be things like tenderness of the breasts, morning sickness, and muscle cramps. For getting perfect treatment within the time of pregnancy, woman must need to have clear idea about these problems. Especially women need to know the causes of these problems.

lower back pain pregnancy

Among all problems during the pregnancy, lower back pain is one of the most common one. It’s usually occurs during the very early stage of pregnancy. When a woman conceive baby there are some certain changes are started into her body to adopt the baby in different situation of pregnancy. From a survey, it has found that almost 80% of women have the experience of lower back pain and it is also a sign or symptoms of early pregnancy. There are some causes of lower back pain in early pregnancy. These are:

Extra Weight

It is one of the most common reasons of lower back pain during the pregnancy time of woman. It’s the result of growing baby inside the womb. The extra weight of baby occur a natural weight increase of woman body. To set the stress on back woman naturally likes to push their bump into frontward.  This is the reason why pregnancy causes lower back pain. Woman should need aware about some other things also, that this extra weight give a stretch on the ligaments of woman and it causes pain in lower back. This is not that much harmful and it is also good for the baby. A proper take care can reduce this lower back pain due to extra weight.

Change in Hormone

During the pregnancy time hormonal changes is one of the most common things to happen.  This is also another big and important factor of lower back pain, which is highly responsible. In the time of pregnancy, women’s body starts to produce a hormone, which is known as relaxin. What this hormone is doing that is loosens the joints and ligaments. These joints and ligaments re attached with pelvic bones of the woman’s spine. For this reason, pelvic bones become softer.  It happens due to prepare the delivery of passage of baby to through pelvis.

Transformation in Pelvic Organs

Changing or transformations of pelvic organs are the core reason of starting disquiet in lower back pain. This causes pain while females start to walk. It can happen in two sides or in any either side of body. It happens due to instability of the organs in pelvic area of body.

Other than these causes, urinary infection and sudden shift of gravity also causes this early stage lower back pain.  Though it’s a natural thing to happen but woman should need to careful about this as a simple ignorance can harm her and her baby.

The good news is that, generally, lower back pain in early pregnancy tends to disappear by around the 20th week of pregnancy. If you have severe or chronic back pain, you should talk with your health care provider. She may be able to help determine what exactly is causing the pain, and how best to treat it.

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