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They say it’s really tough to handle blonde hair and make styles out of it. I admit that it’s hard to deal with blonde hair but you can play with different hairstyles to give a nice edge to your appearance. Here are some choices in blonde hairstyles in case you are looking for ideas to do latest hair-dos.

Country-style Hairstyle:

Give a voluminous look to your hairstyle by styling your hair in long layers and setting some smooth wisps. I would like to share a simple secret of making a country hairstyle and looking perfect in it, and that secret is your make-up. If you have blonde hair and you have set several bangs to boast your appearance for the evening party try to keep your make-up as smooth as possible. Wear a pair of shinny lenses and put on lip gloss of light color.

Combination of two colors:

Setting your hair by dying it with a combination of two different colors is just a way to give more flesh and soul to your hairstyle. The lighter tone is kept on the top- upper layers of the hair while the underside of the hair is dyed in a dark tone. It’s a fun to work with two colors and set a brand new trend on your own. How to wear a hairstyle consisting of two colors? The upper side of the hair which contains lighter tone should be set properly with gel and iron. Try to give it a stylish bang using your styling tools, on the contrary the underside hair, which is darker in the tone should be curled beautifully. Hence, when you will be done with the hairstyle you would have two different layers in two different colors, but you will be noticed for your magnificent hair-do. I can bet on it.

Glittery hair-band:

Do you know what most celebrities are doing with their blonde hair these days? They adorn their hair in a very simple and exquisite way by wearing a classic hair band. Isn’t it easy to wear a hairstyle that creates flair of volume? I am sure that working women don’t want to spend a lot of time in making their hairstyle early in the morning; they would rather take shower, brush their hair, eat their breakfast, and drive to the office. For such ladies, hand bands come very handy. There is no need to do anything. Just dry your hair, apply some gel on it, and give a two-minute blow dry. If you have a time to set on some curl go for it, otherwise just catch your front hair with under the band and make your steps towards the car. That’s it.

Double- Blonde and Waves:

You might have seen that celebrities are wearing two-toned blonde hairstyles these days. It is becoming more and more common now-a-days. New styles have also been erupted after the discovery of two-toned blonde hair-dos.  First, the hair is given a good layer cut, and then they are died in two blonde shades- the upper layers are given a light blonde shade while the lower layers are highlighted with dark blonde shade such as brown and ash blonde. The color choices are numerous for you out there. The upper layers of the hair become healthy waves when blow dryer is used to give them more volume and strength. On the contrary, the lower layers of the hair are kept straightly on the shoulder.

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