Cute Medium Length Hairstyles of 2013

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I know you are wondering about the title which says Cute Medium length Hairstyles of 2013 even New Year hasn’t sprouted up. All the hairstylists of the world are pondering on the latest trends of the industry and are trying to come-up with possible conclusions by making their own predictions on what’s in and what’s not. I have also my personal thoughts that I would like to share with you and I am sure that most of the hairstyles I am going to talk about here will be in the chart of “Top Hot Hairstyles of 2013”, and I can lay a five thousand dollar note for my findings and anticipations.

Medium length Hairstyles 2013

EMO hairstyles: EMO has been associated with feelings and expressions, they tend to present hatred, lust, love, rage, romance, curiosity, maturity, teen love, boldness, emotions, sadness, loneliness, shyness, solitude and much more that could be listed under “ Individual Personality Traits, Characters, and Gestures.”

medium length wedding hairstyle 2013

Hues of natural shade such as black and brown will portray you as of a peaceful lover or personality. You can convert yourself into a mere shadow of those figures that are often seen in an EMO graphic. You can, however, look very similar to them by changing your look.  Getting yourself pierced with the pins is just one factor involved in turning yourself from a human to a real EMO, but the strongest way to make a smooth transition is getting a classic EMO/Emotional hairstyle.

layered medium length hairstyle 2013

Dye your hair with colored dyes and go to a good hairstylist to have a perfect EMO look. EMO hair-cuts may not be suitable for certain face shapes yet they can bring a huge change in the personality if cut with keen observation and proper care, using the right tools.

curly medium length hairstyle 2013

EMO hairstyles made a big hit on the Fashion Industry in 2012 and they will continue to rise to the fame in 2013 for being so much favorite to teen age boys and girls alike. Many people believe that EMO hair-cuts are weird, eerie, and cheerless, they are not at all, and if you have a good taste and vision to select the right one for your face shape.

EMO hairstyle 2013 Pixie Hairstyles: Pixie hair-cuts have been around us for centuries, many starlets and Hollywood Celebrities have worn them, at the peak of their success and bright career. Pixie hairstyles continue to survive the strict hairstyling competition for having classic finish and textures to them.  So, modern celebrities such as Emma Watson , Michelle Williams, and Halley Berry.

pixie hairstyle 2013

Best Pixie hair-cut of Celebrities are as follows:

Anne Hathaway brunette pixie crop-cut

anne hathaway pixie hairstyle 2013

Miss Geldof best short pixie crop

Miss Geldof pixie hairstyle 2013

Miley Cyrus Undercut shaggy pixie cut

Miley Cyrus pixie hairstyle 2013

Michelle Williams soft, short and bright blonde pixie crop-cut

Michelle Williams pixie hairstyle 2013

Emma Watson edgy short chopped pixie hair-cut

Emma Watson pixie hairstyle 2013

Halle Berry elfin pixie hair-cut

Halle Berry pixie hairstyle 2013

Hayden Panettiere slicked-back pixie cut

Hayden Panettiere pixie hairstyle 2013

Ginnifer Goodwin restyled pixie hairstyle

Ginnifer Goodwin pixie hairstyle 2013

Marilyn Monroe curled short pixie hairstyle

Marilyn Monroe pixie hairstyle 2013

Why more and more celebrities are wearing short, medium and small pixie hairstyles? Because the hairstyle is easy to maintain and wear, it looks sexy regardless the time, trend, and fashion.  Having said all this, one thing is for sure that different variations of pixie hairstyles will be introduced in 2013. Some of which are going to be totally different from the hairstyles that we have seen in 2012 and some will be just the replica of old cropped-cuts but with modern touch and style to them.

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