Dark Blue hairstyles 2017 in New Trends! Rock new colors to look sassy

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A lot of women think that natural colors are best for their type, they think this way because they never discover the possibilities of hair coloring which await them out there. To be honest with you, wearing one color and usually a dark one may make you look boring and dull.  Getting a new haircut is not a solution all the time it’s just that you are adapting to new fashion in some ways but you are still autonomous in your trends. You need to try new hair colors along with new haircuts in order to look your best because there are endless opportunities for you.

short dark blue hairstyles 2017

If you really detest coloring your hair in reds, purples and greens, you can change the trends and choose some bold colors such as violets and blues. The blue color is a kind of shade which never goes out of trend and fortunately there are tens of grades and colors coming under royal blue and dark blue hair dyes that you will be astonish to see that some of them are too natural to make you look immature in any way, so take a deep sigh and explore some of the best dark blue hairstyles which you can always rock.

dark blue weave hairstyles 2017

Dark Blue hairstyles and Modernity

I would not suggest you to go for the lighter toned blue hair dyes unless you are sporting a rock, punk or emo makeover with it because the lighter shade would make you look very bold and somewhat sharp, they may take away all the innocence of the face because once you have lighter blue locks all the stares kind of locked at the hair color not on your face.  So when you choose a hair color your first priority should be choosing the one that will not make you appear extra bold. You don’t want people to focus more on your hair more than your face so get a color that goes well with your complexion because you don’t want anything other than your face to be a focal point. And to make this happen you need to choose a kind of dark blue hairstyle that can merge well with your face structure and make you look outstanding other than very loud and sharp.

dark blue ombre hairstyles 2017

Here are some of the dark blue hairstyles options for you

Big bangs with natural shade of blue. You don’t always need to stylize yourself with short length hair especially if your face looks complete with long locks, don’t get a cut done, just get the hair trimmed instead before dying them in a nice dark blue color.

dark blue hairstyles for long hair 2017

Two toned of blue would also suit your locks especially if you want to make some gradients on your hairstyle to look flattering and cool. Make sure that the dark blue color goes to the hair which are close to the scalp and lighter shade should go down from the mid point and the lightest ones should go to the bottom starting from the mid bottom and so on, this would create a nice impact.

dark blue hairstyles 2017

Sport some curls if you have got healthy hair, the blue compliments curls and many vintage type looks.

There are more ideas for you with regards to dark blue hairstyles which can be seen here.

blue and blonde hairstyles 2017

blue ombre hairstyles 2017

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