Korean Fashion Trends 2013

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Korean designers are trying to make their reputation in the international market; their talent has manifested in a wide variety of styles, designs, and patterns that we can see in their dresses. Their architectural frocks are getting a big buzz everywhere in the short time span. The frocks look like western cocktail dresses but are more sophisticated in real with plain jumpers, a belt and a skirt of zigzag sequin.  These skirts are being introduced in several other patterns such as crisscross and class. Their jackets and kilts have surprised everyone in the fashion industry as the Koran designers have added a very strange variation of graphic lace in all pieces- some have skulls and others have firearms or something that we haven’t seen anywhere else.

korean designer dress 2013

Auspiciously, Korean fashion trends 2013 will surprise everyone. Instead of traditional cocktail dresses and short outfits, models are showcasing a unique selection of patterned and sequined extra short and extra long dress. Medium length skirts are also being marketed these days, but this is just the beginning of the fashion. We should be ready for more!

Kye’s new collection is very shocking as well as convertible because the each pair of garment is designed with effort showcasing a sense of artwork and talent of Korean designers. Asian inspired printed shirts, jumpers, and tank tops are also a true reflection of Korean fashion trends 2013. If you haven’t seen any model displaying and promoting sixties on the runways, you should expect it to happen in the coming months.  Stripes and checks are also all over the fashion shows; expectedly they are going to be the hottest hit of spring and summer 2013.

Some colors have been used extensively in the Korean casual, wedding, party, and prom dresses in this year; African violet, grayed jade, emerald, dusk blue, tender shoots, lemon zest, Monaco blue, poppy red, and linen.


Korean Fashion Trends- a brief overlook

Did you know that Japan was one of the best Asian trendsetters of the fashion industry before Korea? Top rock music bands of Japan were engaged in setting new fashion and trends in the country. Whatever they would do or wear, it would become famous all over the world including in their own country. Big bang, Super Junior, and Girl’s Generation are the few names of those group bands that controlled the fashion industry on their own and motivated people to wear what they love to wear and feel comfortable with it. Japanese fashion is always in the discussion of European fashion designers, but now Korea seems to have taken the lead and is introducing the most killing fashion trends of the century.

Korean designers don’t make replicas- they use their sense of designing and mix it up with their talent to come up with unique outfit styles and patterns. Who expected that sixties and strips will be announced as the standard Korean fashion trends of 2013? Beyond our speculation, Korean models are appearing on the runways in short white and red strips, zigzag pattern and multi-layered cocktail dresses.


Here are some of the Korean fashion trends of all-time.

Preppy style shirts and skirts

preppy style shirts and skirts

Sheer and clear dresses- they are made of wool and warm material

Sheer and clear dresses

Lace and frilly gowns, lingeries, night gowns, and sleeping suit

Lace and frilly gowns

Spunky and roll style cardigans and jackets

Spunky and roll style cardigans and jackets

Ruffled Disney wedding dresses

Ruffled Disney wedding dresses

Studded jackets

studded jackets

Leather tops and corsets

Leather tops and corsets

Flower printed short dresses

Flower printed short dresses

80’s fashion aesthetics

korean 80’s fashion aesthetics

Shirts with printed nature objects like trees, sky, ocean, sea and jungle

Shirts with printed nature objects

Lax harem pants in different colors

Lax harem pants

Besides stretched blue and black jeans, Capri pants, and knee-length tights, Korean fashion also introduced some very exiting styles in pants like baggy pants, embellished pants, and rocky style tights. Sexy hole t-shirts and long &short comb dresses have become a focus for those fasionistas who want to upgrade their wardrobe with anything of cute.

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