Sexy Medium Hairstyles for 2013

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Medium hairstyles tend to change each year and now they are back again with their new versions and variations for the New Year. I don’t want to distract anyone by showing them outdated medium hairstyles of previous years, instead I will keep this post focused on trendy haircuts that have become popular everywhere so much quickly that everyone is raving about them.

medium hairstyles 2013

Time constraints lead to modern women to opt for medium haircuts-nobody wants to mess around and waste their time in setting their cut everyday especially when the daily schedule isn’t flexible enough for personal styling thing. Wearing a medium cut doesn’t require you to brush your hair for hours in order to achieve the desired final look.

Without any doubt, medium hairstyles are easier to maintain and set with a few strokes of brush and they offer a great deal of comfort when it comes to styling and setting. Take a blob of quality thick mousse cream, apply it in the direction of the hair, and brush your hair for three minutes or less and you are ready to go! This is how you can maintain your medium haircut without doing anything extra- no need to use gels or sprays unless it is substantial to do.

casual hairstyles 2013

Whether you have straight or natural curls, you can choose a new haircut for spring and autumn from the list of the sexiest medium hairstyles for 2013:

Pixie Crops 2013

They say that pixie crops 2013 aren’t suitable for medium hair. I disagree because it’s totally up to the desire of the customer to decide on what length of the hair spikes. It’s not necessary to go for blunt spikes at the front all the time because you have a right to decide on the length of the cut. Instead of going for the bob pixie cut, you can request your stylist to give you a shoulder length crop. It’s not impossible to get angled crops on medium hair either.

waves hairstyles 2013

Pixie crop hairstyles 2013 aren’t too much short or too much long- they are medium; therefore, they can be a good fit for those women who need a change in their appearance.

pixie crop hairstyles 2013

Casual and quick hairstyles 2013:

No matter if your hair is extra long or medium; you can whip it up within a matter of seconds. Create a high updo, one-sided braid or a casual bun.  Give new dimensions to French and Dutch twists this year, allowing a few hair strands to escape here and there in front of your face. Models are also displaying the same sorts of messy French twists, posing glamorous with their messy springs.

quick hairstyles 2013

You can practice different hairstyles walking on the basic rules of French braid. Make braided hairstyles either out of three sections of hair or two sections of hair and you are done. Remember to take few hair frizzes out and spray the hair and go out.

crazy hairstyles 2013

Funky and crazy waves hairstyles 2013:

Funky and medium hairstyles are very popular in men and women alike. These haircuts feature a special effect and requires to proactive creative cutting techniques or else you won’t get the final pop-up. It’s up to your style to make you a complete style statement by giving definitions to your wispy layers. Waves will never go out of style in the future. Textured waves are a best fit for long as well as medium hair.

funky hairstyles 2013

Here are some more medium hairstyles of 2013:

Medium hairstyles for thin hair

Medium hairstyles for thin hair 2013

Medium hairstyles for thick hair

Medium hairstyles for thick hair 2013

Medium hairstyles for round faces

Medium hairstyles for round faces 2013

Medium hairstyles for fine hair

Medium hairstyles for fine hair 2013

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