Page Boy Haircut VS Bob Hairstyles 2017! Which ones are the best

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It is difficult to compare page boy haircuts with the bob hairstyles because both are best for any face type and face structure- they are ideas for short to medium hair length.

pixie cut pageboy haircut

After World War 2 the fashion industry was changed completely because all the hardships came to end and there was some peace finally, which allowed people to figure out the best ways to groom themselves and live the life in the best way possible. Hair dressers were feeling afresh after long months of war, they invented some of the best cuts in order to help actresses and actors of that time.  If we talk of today we know that we are still using the old style fashion and haircuts, it’s just that we have amended the cuts a bit more in order to make them more with the modern ethics and standards, for instance there was a time when there was only one bob hair cut it was one with blunt bangs on the front and rolled back hair at the back, now we have posh haircut, A-line bob and inverted bob, it’s just a matter of time that we have learned how to work with the old hairstyles and turn them unique to be able to keep up with the modernity of the time.

Pageboy Haircut

Page boy haircut vs bob haircut

A lot of women are still confuse between page boy hairut and bob haircut and they don’t know how they are different from each other and how can they transform the looks. Here are four noticable differenes between page boy hairstyle and bob hairstyle.

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1: Page boy is a kind of vintage style where the length of the back hair is not kept shorter as it is kept in the bob hairstyle unless the customer wants it to be short in length.

Pageboy Haircut long

2: The front cutting of the page boy hairstyle is also different, it’s not always blunt, sometimes it is just a flick cut for the side swept hair. If you really do not want to wear fringes on the front side you should get a page boy cut with bangs, your hair dresser will give you the best advice on what length would be good for your face for the front bangs, if your face is broad and very round you might need to pull off heavy bangs to cover the side frame of the face and so on.

Pageboy Haircut kid

3: The hair is not cut in u or round shaped in the page boy, in fact page boy hairstyle has some kind of modernity to it.  In 1950s and 1960s, some tv actresses such as Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe had sported the style, they would often have some curls done along with the page cut in order to look at their best.  In other words, bob cut is smaller and very defined in shape but page boy hairstyle is usually not.

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4: The shape of the bob cut is very defined and articulate, even if you get the bangs in the style, anyone can tell that your hair is cut in a small length and it’s bob, whereas page boy is kind of free style where you can turn your hair into curls and waves later on because your hair is not cut short to the point where they cannot be restyled again.

Pageboy Haircut famous

Changes to make with Page boy haircut

You can do a lot of changes in your page boy haircut. You can avail the vintage type look along with modernity very easily if you do the following:

Add some splash of colors to your hairstyle in order to look sassy, if two colors are not your option you can go for one and nobody will mind if it is in a natural tone.

Pageboy Haircut 2017-1

No need to have all the hair cut down short if you don’t want to, the back hair can be cut in a medium length, if you add some highlights on them that would be great.

Blunt bangs are hitting again if your face shape is idea for such cuts you must not be shy of trying them out they will definitely transform your look.

Last but not the least get thick flick on the front with the page boy hairstyle to look even more flattering.

Pageboy Haircut 2017

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