20+ Awesome Pageboy Haircut 2018

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The pageboy haircut 2018 is a contemporary hairdo that is the up to date version of the pudding basin hairdo of page boys back in the primitive days. Well, history does repeat itself and the style is making waves nowadays as a trendy cut in men and women alike! It actually appears as hair that is reaching just below the ears and curled inwards at the base. It is further complemented by bangs on the forehead. You’ve got the look in your mind right?

Classy Pageboy Haircut 2018


While people are opting for the old haircut very fondly, they are also making certain that touches of modernism are incorporated in it to make it blend into the milieu of today as well. Here are some of the ways people are doing the pageboy haircut 2018:

Innovative Pageboy Haircut 2018

short pageboy haircut 2018

The time-honored version of the hairdo is better left in its time for some folks; so they razor cut the hair in layers instead. This adds a very slick looking style to the hairdo, while making sure that you stand out in the crowd.

Graceful Pageboy Haircut 2018 with Pigments

2018 Pageboy Haircut with Pigments

The best thing to do with a pageboy haircut 2018 is to add up some amazing hues. The vintage cut coupled with bright shades of eccentric blue, hot pink and sultry orange will make sure that everyone looks at you! And subtler shades of pastel pink,  baby blue and lavender lily will make you look super cute and will be turning heads everywhere you go.

Longer Cut with fringe

2018 Pageboy Haircut Longer Cut with fringe

If you’re a fan of longer hair, you can still opt for this style! With hair till your shoulders curled up in perm, and a delicate fringe covering your forehead, you can achieve the perfect savvy look that’ll not only maintain your bravura but also turn you into a style icon for everyone who lays eyes on you.

Uneven Bob

2018 Pageboy Haircut Uneven Bob

Looking to do something super unusual yet eye-catching? Grab the nearest thin comb and part your pageboy haircut 2018 into rough portions. This will create a messy look yet it’ll look organized and formal.

Scarlet Gloss

2018 Pageboy Haircut Scarlet Gloss

Looking to step out of your comfort zone and unleashing the boldness in you? Try scarlet. The color is a major head turner and coupled with a retro hairdo? You’ll be making the news very soon. That’s not all; the scarlet color will add a touch of sexiness.

Classic Tease

2018 Pageboy Haircut Classic Tease

Going back in time with the pageboy haircut 2018? Why not go the entire length and add some extra volume to it? The special looking hairdo adorned with a classic puff will have the 80’s calling you to give them their style back!

Korean Version

2018 Pageboy Haircut Korean

Love Korean shows and anime? Turn yourself into one of your favorite characters all the while meddling with this haircut. It’s very simple; let your bangs go till your eyes (enough to help you see through!) and the rest is history.

pageboy haircut without bangs 2018

pageboy haircut with bangs 2018

pageboy haircut vs bob 2018

pageboy haircut men 2018

pageboy haircut little boy 2018

pageboy haircut for boys 2018

pageboy haircut female 2018

modern pageboy haircut 2018

medieval pageboy haircut 2018

long pageboy haircut 2018

layered pageboy haircut 2018

curly pageboy haircut 2018

The coiffure is sure to be the highlight of the start of 2018; make sure you look absolutely in style as well as gorgeous by taking in this trend.

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