Time to Appear Versatile in Sequin Dresses 2017

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Appearing stylish and elegance is everybody’s right, but question is how? Obviously, to get attractive personality, you should have dressing sense. Nowadays, sequin dresses are once again back in fashion in amazing designs and colors. No doubt, sequin dresses offer an appealing touch to a female’s personality by making it distinguish among others. However, before proceeding, let’s have a look on the brief history of sequin dress fashion.

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A Brief History about Sequin Dresses 2017

Sequins are basically small, thin and shimmery type of dresses for ladies in different sexier shapes. The term sequin means shinny material that can be beads, stars and any other stuff to add fascination to attire. The fashion first started in French and Italy in 19th century. In modern world, the trend of sequin dress is again emerging among ladies, especially when it comes to wedding and party dresses. In ancient types, the fashion of wearing sequin dress was quite popular in Egypt, India and Peru. This dress was considered as the symbol of pride and wealth. Nowadays, the use of sequin is very much popular in ladies dress shirts, frocks, palazzos, skirts, coats, gowns and t-shirts. The use of sequin on ladies dresses make them elegant and fashionable. In fact, a large number of celebrities love to wear sequin dresses on different occasions. The use of sequin can be different like, it can be embroidery or other design.

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Time to Appear Versatile in Sequin Dresses 2017

In addition, there is a wide range of sequin dresses available in the market. However, it is up to you to get the right one for you. Short heighted girls look great in short sequin skirts, whereas, heighted girls should prefer sequin gowns, t-shirts with jeans and palazzos. You can also wear sequin black coat with simple jeans for weddings and parties. However, sequin is formal attire so avoid wearing it for professional gatherings and meetings. Moreover, wearing sequin dress is not enough, you should be conscious about your shoes. It is a fact that sequin dresses look fabulous with high heels but be conscious about mismatching.

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Which Colors should be Preferred in Sequin Dresses 2017?

Whatever dress you are going to wear, keep in mind that color selection is quite important. Everybody is born with different color complexion and has different physique. Therefore, it is not compulsory that every color suits you, so be choosy but be wise. Ladies with white color complexion look amazing in dark colors such as, black, royal blue, purple, brown and red. On the other hand, ladies with dark complexion and bulky bodies should prefer light and bright colors like white, pink, sky-blue, hazel and peach.

sequin dresses bridesmaid 2017

The Bottom Line

Everybody has different choice, but it is awesome to follow the latest trends. No doubt, modern world is all about classy looks and classy personality. Therefore, adopt new trends and appear remarkable among others to better move on successfully in this competitive world.

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