Simple Eye Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

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Who said that small eyes can’t be made look wide and deep with make-up? I know many girls envy of those classmates and colleagues that have beautiful and alluring wide eyes- as deep as an ocean. The first question comes in our mind is as why God hasn’t blessed us with the same beautiful eyes. Nothing is impossible now! You needn’t feel down just because your eyes are not big- the truth is that big eyes don’t see the world differently, they can see this world as much as you can see it with yours.

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Instead of feeling bad about your small eyes you should think about highlighting your beauty features in order to make yourself prominent in the crowd of other girls. You can’t perform any surgery to make your eyes look wider and bigger than what they are, but with the help of good make-up tips you can make them more beautiful and attractive.

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Remember that face with smaller eyes tends to catch affects from colorful cosmetic than face with heavy big eyes. The use of black eye-liner and mascara can help you to get the necessary make-up effect. Here are some simple eyes make-up tips for those who want to bring their cut little eyes in the spotlight:

Choose the make-up shade carefully:

Refrain from using bright colors like magenta, purple, black, dark green, jade, brown, and red eye shadows, they can mess up with your appearance and make your eyes narrowed and shrink. You can play with the make-up but try to make it right; otherwise you won’t be able to achieve your goals.

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Pick light-toned eye shadows:

Pick on medium-toned eye shadows like glitter ocean green, light silver, light blue, light pink, light brown, and light beige eye shadows. Collect your eye shadows after testing them on your hands or directly on your eyes. Some cosmetic sellers keep make-up samples as a tester so that their customers can try out the product on the spot and make their decision after feeling completely satisfied. You should buy your make-up from a friendly store where you can at least assess the products personally before buying them. Pastel shades are also in fashion and trend right now.  Make-up artists believe that shimmery brown, green, and lavender colors are very handy in emphasizing the small eyes.

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Apply eyeliner and mascara:

If you use eyeliner and mascara smartly and properly, your eyes will have a balanced affect. Prefer to use dark black eye liner on both the upper and the lower eyelid. Now the important question is how to do is correctly and what the correct technique of applying the eyeliner is. You can do it in three simple steps:

    1. Keep your eyes opened and apply a yellow shade along the upper and lower eyelid
    2. Use thin eyeliner tip and paint the eyelid throughout the way until you reach the eye corner
    3. Give the final touch! Repeat the step by applying a thin line along the eye corner. Wear black Kohl in your eyes or kajal to look minimalistic and glamorous. If you have a pencil liner in any color like dark brown and purple, use it instead of liner on the lower eyelid. Complete the make-up with rich mascara coat, your eyes will literally spark once you are finished.

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