Top 7 Gorgeous Short Curly Hairstyles 2017 For Women

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The only thing constant in life is “Change”. Are you bored of your looks and want to try something bolder and stylish. Then you are at the right place. So, saddle up for trendy hairdos and gorgeous looks. Here are a variety of choices you have to become the “NEW” you.

Short Curly Hairstyles 2017 For Women

Pixie Cuts 2017

A “Pixie Cut” will give you that flattering youthful look that compliments all women regardless of their age. The current trends offer casual, tousled finish and the defined styling. Also the separated petal curls suits short hair perfectly. This cut has gained a lot of popularity recently and is one of the most fashionable hairdos of today’s time.

pixie cuts 2017

pixie cuts 2017 wavy hair

pixie cuts 2017 thick hair

pixie cuts 2017 round faces

pixie cuts 2017 grey hair

pixie cuts 2017 fine hair

pixie cuts 2017 black women

pixie cuts 2017 black hair

Pixie Cut For A Round Face 2017

Textured Hairstyles 2017

Curly hair of short length can be easily styled into a “textured pixie cut”. Traditionally short haircut form round curls but this hairdo can easily mold to form spiky strands giving you a vogue model look. Curly hair appears voluminous naturally and therefore can be very easily styled this way with a little touch of styling product and finger-styling

Textured Hairstyles 2017

Best Pixie Cut For A Round Face 2017

Don’t let a round face stop you from having a gorgeous pixie cut. A pixie cut with volumes of textured hair on top, falling down pointedly towards the sides can make you appear chic and trendy.

Retro Short Haircut For Curly Hairs 2017

The curly hairstyle looks amazing using various retro short haircuts. The idea is simple. For example a head-wave can be created by styling a wavy pattern around the head to frame the face exotically, while maintaining the original volume of hair.

Retro Short Haircut For Curly Hairs 2017

Short Bob Cut 2017

The classic short bobs get even trendier this year with a range of styles like A-line bob, angular reverse bob and the stacked-back bob all set to give you drop dead gorgeous looks. A choice between shaggy bobs and choppy cuts could take you even a step further to achieve that “Style Icon” image that could make you a trend setter.

Short Bob Cut 2017

Balayage Highlights 2017

If you are looking for a soft, delicate, damsel kind of look then “Balayage Highlights” are just the thing for you. They look beautiful on curly hair and can create different impressions for highlighting the eyes, cheeks or the lips. For softening the facial look simply have a few lightened strands fall around the face creating a frame.

Balayage Highlights 2017

Rough Layers And Short Shags 2017

If you are fed up of your curly hairdo don’t try to straighten them risking permanent damage. Instead have the latest shaggy layers or the innovative choppy layers that give you a bold edgy look while getting rid of the curls completely. So get set for you’re the new very “Suave” you.

Rough Layers And Short Shags 2017

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