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Whether you are a school student or a college going girl, you can stand out in the class for changing your same, old, and boring outlook. It’s understandable that institutions impose a lot of restrictions on their students; you have to wear a certain dress code color, particularly in your school. These rules might be interrupting with your desire of looking different, energetic, and fashionable, but trust me you can still make yourself different by changing your hairstyle or adapting a new style in order to stand out among your friends.

young girls hairstyles 2013

There are as such no restrictions on hairstyling in any institution, but it doesn’t mean that you can wear any bold hairstyle like high-updo and front buns out there. These hairstyles are mainly suitable for mature and bold women, so you’d better try out something innocent that’s appropriate for the age group you belong to.

short razor cut hairstyles

Here are top hairstyles for young girls (suitable for everyone- college, school, and university students as well). Don’t try any of these hairdos if your age is between 8 and12 because the only hairstyle that you should wear right now is braided tail.

Razor cut hairstyles:

This hairstyles can give a new dimension to your look by adding volume to the hair strings. Girls who follow latest fashion are well aware of this hairdo. It is done using a sharp knife or blade. The hair is cut in different proportions and at different angles, in the end you get three or four angled layers to the hairstyle. These layers are finely cut if it is required. The multi razor-cut layers add volume to the hairstyle and make it appear heavy and rich. With the use of wet gels and hairstyling brush, each layer can be made prominent, for you need to brush your hairstyle in one straight direction at a fast speed.

razor cut hairstyles

Razor hairstyle is one of the most effective methods in hair-cutting technique which promises to create a stylish outlook. You must know how to get it done properly and who should be approached to get the perfect razor cut. The shape of the face should be taken into consideration when choosing a certain razor cut hairstyle. For instance, for medium length hair, you should go with three layered razor cut as it won’t require the extra chopping of the front and back hair. You won’t have to scarify your hair for getting a hairdo. Moreover, the hairstyle will also help improve the growth of the hair provided that you feed it with protein and other required nutrients. Wash your hair with a good shampoo to maintain your hairstyle.

razor cut hairstyles for black women

Razor cuts for short hair are more in the trends these days. The basic concept behind the cut is to chop off a big amount of hair in different directions as the result of which blunt spikes become prominent in the hairstyle.  The razor helps ad soft texture to the hair and creates deconstructed finish to the hairdo. Your hair will have a bit sharp finish but it won’t make you look odd.  Although the razor can be used on all types of hair, but you must avoid getting a razor cut if you have curly or wavy hair.

Choppy razor cut bob hairstyle is also a very good option for young girls. The style resembles to the traditional bob hairdo but it has a very glamorous finish to please you. In bob razor hairstyle, the hair is cut short in the back whereas front hair is angled longer in different lengths so that big bangs can fall on the face and give it a modern definition.

Choppy razor cut bob hairstyle

Angled bob razor cut is a new edition in the modern hairstyles. The hair is cut shorter in the back and cut longer at the front. The front angled cut layers make beautiful blunt bangs and cover the face. Sometimes, lowlights and highlights effect is given to the hairstyle just as to craft a sleek finish.

Angled bob razor cut hairstyle

Emo hairstyles for medium and long hair:

Emo hairstyles suit everyone, men and women alike, but they are more popular among teenage girls who haven’t had many options when it comes to adapting modern hairstyles. Emo haircuts were originated from the emo graphics that would usually display young boys and girls wearing different sorts of hairstyles.  They became a true inspiration for everyone and now everyone wants to have the same graphical look that emo have had displayed in the recent years.

emo hairstyles 2013

Emo hairstyles have a kind of sharpness and delicacy that no other modern hairdo has. The hair can be dyed in two, three, four and even more colors and then cut in different angles. The front hair is cut shorter as compared to the back hair. Front layers are either left or side swept while the back hair is kept straight.


Emo hairstyles can be divided in eight categories that emerged out of the punk culture and became popular among those fashionable people who love a mixture of wild and soft melody at the same time. The hairstyle exposes a wild form of human in one form and his flexible nature. I am not sure if I am right, but this is what I could think about these versatile emo hairstyles seemingly representing a variety of feelings and emotions (love, hatred, loneliness, sadness, and many more).

Short mullet emo hairstyles

short mullet emo hairstyles

Modern Mullet emo hairstyles

Modern Mullet emo hairstyles

Trendy cool emo hairstyles

Trendy cool emo hairstyles

Multi-colored emo hairstyles

Multi-colored emo hairstyles

Razor cut emo hairstyles

Razor cut emo hairstyles

Bowl cut emo hairstyles

Bowl cut emo hairstyles

Long layered emo hairstyles

Long layered emo hairstyles

Wavy and curly hairstyles:

If doesn’t matter what your age is and in which class you read, wavy hairstyle will suit your features, facial structure, and face shape.  If you have thin short hair, you can have it curled by an expert to get a controlled and professional look.  Curls become more prominent and rich when are made on small hair. If you already have a bob hairstyle either angled or layered you can upgrade it with curly bob hairdo.

curly hairstyles 2013

Waves all down is a good way of keeping those long and medium hair under control. When formed, curls decrease the size of medium and long hair strands giving more frizz and random pattern. You hairdo won’t look messy though, you will get a definition for it. Pomade can be used to dab, twist, and twirls the hair down.

wavy hairstyles 2013

Long waves are a good way towards personalizing your appearance. You can’t use iron machine regularly as it will destruct the nature protein and texture of the hair. If you have a desire to get semi or semi permanent curly waves you should consult with a hairstylist and request him to help you accomplish the goal. Out of curly waves, you can make and set a number of hairdos such as waves half-up and half down, curly half-up, half-up tied waves (use any clip or ribbon), and twist made out of heavy curls on either left or right side of the head.

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