Versatile Hairstyles and Hair-cuts for 2013

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Prom night is more than a memory breeding day that will be records in the albums as one of the most cherished moment of one’s life. Every special occasion gives you an opportunity to do experiments with your appearance as well as hairstyles. Despite what media says and tells you, there is no hairstyle discovered yet that has an ability to transform your look completely. It can, however, accentuate your features, face shape, and body structure this is why you are suggested to pick out a hairstyle according to your hair type, hair texture and face shape.  Some haircuts may be a better fit than others.  It’s easy for one to be confused with so many hairstyling options as top haircuts like pixie, bobs, and emo hairstyles have been around us for a quite long time.

versatile hairstyles 2013

We have just entered a new year and it’d be reasonable to make personal speculations on what would top hairstyles for 2013 be.  Nevertheless, we learn a lot of things from the media and have a strong ability of making judgment over the latest trends when it comes to prom dresses, wedding dress, and hairstyles. The truth is that trends aren’t set by any media but by individuals like you and me.

wedding hairstyles 2013

The list of haircuts is infinite and endless. There are some hairstyles that are more universal than ever. For instance, bob hairstyles have been replaced by razor bob hair-cut and angled bob haircut. The reason for the popularity of bob haircut is they can easily be modified when necessary. Medium length razor cut is a one vivid example of bob which is easy to maintain yet is very simple and glamorous. It can be altered a lit to great on a variety of women and changes can be made in proportion to their face shape, personal desire and style, and facial features and so on.  The classy bob hairstyles are extremely adorable and versatile but they won’t fit all face shapes easily.

bob hairstyles 2013

I have searched a lot to find out the best hairstyles trends for 2013. I am putting across some ideas here, I hope you will like these newer versions of modern haircuts that are recently discovered and tried out by expert hairstylists.

Sicilian Twists hairstyles: Scarves used to a hallmark of traditional Arabian and Asian women who would cover their head with a muffler and face with a veil to protect their self-respect. It wasn’t all about the scarf at all but about their dignity and respect. It seems that fashion for scarves is returning to the industry but with a twist this time. Forget about the French twists that you and I have worn on many occasions over the years. Lower-than-low ponytails are getting more popularity now; the hair-cut has a lot of texture and beauty to fit one’s style.

Sicilian twists seem to be simple and rough, but they can make you look stylish and hot. You can make this hairstyle very easily:

  1. Apply a thick and rich cream mousse on the hair.
  2. Now Blow dry your hair and prepare it for the hairstyle.
  3. Make a small braid if you have done it before. If you can’t make a braid yourself, you just need to pin your hair up in a twist. It’s not necessarily required to twist the hair but doing so can add a rich texture to the final your final setting.
  4. Place the scarf around the head; it should be set closely from the hairline.
  5. Tie the scarf at the nape of the neck.

If you are a bit creative, you can create your own version of Silcian twist hairstyles. Make a big updo braid at the center of your head and cover it with a printed or colored scarf.  If you aren’t convenient with high-updo , you can do for simple one sided-braid hairstyle, and make a small bun with your all hair. In the end, put the scarf on it.

Sicilian Twists hairstyles

Natural straight waves:  I know you would be thinking that I would write about those messy and untamed curly waves in this section. On the contrary, I am going to talk about an unfussy hairstyle of 2013; natural straight waves that start just behind the ears and split in different directions straightly.  Make this hairstyle in three steps:

  1. Part your hair in two sections either in the middle or the side and use a holding spray on it to make it smooth.
  2. Push the hair behind the ears.
  3. Use a botanical cream of any good brand and tame frizz the hair that is falling behind the ear.

Natural straight wavy hairstyles

Gold accent twisted hairstyle:

I can bet that you haven’t tried out any style like this ever in your life before. It’s very simple, hot and eclectic that ifyou try it out once, you will definitely get compliments from everyone!

Gold accent twisted hairstyle

Here is how to make ballerina twisted hairstyle at home:

  1. Apply a mousse cream all over the hair and brush your hair for two mints until it is straight and ready for the twist.
  2. Part your hair into to sections- either down the middle or down the right or left side. Take two sections of your hair from the both sides (left and right), and drew them back. Secure the both sections in place with the bob pins of appropriate size. The left loop should overlap the right one at the back of the head.
  3. Once done, apply a hair spray to keep the hairstyle in its place. Use a gold accented headpiece and now place it right above the twist you have just made.

Fastened loops:

This hairstyle is not very common, it’s not traditional either. You might have seen a celebrity with fastened loops made in the low ponytail, but I am sure you haven’t tried anything like this yourself. This is the right time to be more creative with your conventional ponytail ideas and do something that can direct everyone’s attentions towards your hairstyles.

ponytail hairstyles 2013

Make architectural low ponytail loops in four steps:

  1. Use any good styling gel and comb your hair to smoothen it up.  Parted the hair down and use frizz-ease serum to add shine to the hair ends.
  2. Brush your hair and make it straight. Make a low ponytail and twist your hair inside it.
  3. Take one straight loop end out of twisted hair to fasten it with flat iron.
  4. To keep the loop in its original position, you can use a styling gel and a hairspray together on it.

Simple braids;

This hairstyle is so common that anyone can make it without any hassle and hesitation.

  1. Brush your hair and apply a protein spray.
  2. Make a small braid and secure it with a black ponytail- at the back of the head as well as at the base of the neck.
  3. The hairstyle would be very tight. To create a messy look, pull out hair strands from the front randomly.

braids hairstyles 2013

Some more haircuts ideas for 2013 include:

Layered long hairstyles 2013

layered long hairstyles 2013

Long hairstyle with neat side-swept bangs and frizzes 2013

long hairstyles with bangs 2013

French braid style ponytail 2013

French braid style ponytail 2013

Ultra low ponytail with loose hair ends 2013

Ultra low ponytail hairstyle 2013

Shaggy bob haircuts with angled spikes 2013

Shaggy bob haircuts 2013

Low slung buns with pearl accented hair clip 2013

low slung bun 2013

Ombre straight hair 2013

Ombre straight hair 2013

Twisted chignons 2013

Twisted chignons 2013

Shoulder length classy waves 2013

Shoulder length classy waves 2013

Crowd braided hairstyle with and without scarf 2013

Crowd braided hairstyle 2013

One side braided hairstyle secured in a ponytail 2013

One side braided hairstyle 2013

Long straight low ponytail 2013

Long straight low ponytail 2013

Simple long bangs 2013

Simple long bangs 2013

Ethereal French fishtail one side braid hairstyles 2013

French fishtail one side braid hairstyles 2013

Double Dutch braid hairstyles 2013

Double Dutch braid hairstyles 2013

Timeless classy wavy bob hairstyles 2013

classy wavy bob hairstyles 2013

Relaxed barrel curls 2013

Relaxed barrel curls 2013

Side parted long hairstyles 2013

Side parted long hairstyles 2013

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